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STEPS TO YOU: Chapter 7 👣



After English class, I hurried out of the room with Hanna and we headed to my locker. A note from Mrs. Miller was taped on it.

On it was written, in her beautiful cursive handwriting:


Chanel de la Vega,

please head to the radio broadcasting room ASAP! 

– Mrs. Miller 🙂


“Why does she want you there?” She asked.

“I honestly don’t know but if its going to keep me out of here for a while, I’m up for it.” I said as I placed the note in my bag.

Just then, Liam came running towards us. He kissed her on the cheeks and hugged her. “de la Vega.” Liam nodded at me, acknowledging my presence as he was hugging Hanna closer to his body. “Klein.” I said nodding back. It was kind of our thing, greeting each other using our surnames and saying nothing else.

They are the most clingy couple in the world. “Hey. Okay single lady, coming through. Make way.” I said as I was trying to squish myself through them as a joke, making them release each other. Just then, Gianna came rushing to us with the biggest smile and Daryll trailing behind her. 

Gianna and Hanna are really not the biggest fans of each other so when they got to us, Hanna went on ahead with Liam. I started heading to the broadcasting room with both Gianna and Daryll filling me in with details. 

I listened intently and felt genuine happiness as they told me ecstatically. Hm… it feels nice not trying to suppress my feelings deep down my heart.

My eyes landed on Xavier Forano accross from us in the hall, laughing with Jackson and Cole from class. Daryll jogged to them and even before they turn to our direction, I tell Gianna, “Go on ahead, I need to see Mrs. Miller.” She nodded and I flee to the next direction.

I texted Hanna and Gianna, informing them about the day I had, as I was on the school’s official coach on the way back with everyone who’s part of the journalism clubs in our school. Apparently there was an orientation in Boston University for the NSPA’s Peacemaker Competition next school year and Mrs. Millers forgot to inform everyone. It lasted almost the whole day because of the seminar, whole planning, and meeting.

Once we loaded off the bus, everyone went ahead to go home but i needed to get some things from Mrs. Millers’ office so I stayed back. Without noticing, it was already getting dark out when I decided to go home. Making myself busy makes me forget everything else, even for just a short period of time. 

Only a few cars were left in the parking lot. Even Daryll’s car was still there so their practice mustn’t have ended yet. I went to my car and rumaged through my bag for my car key.


I spilled the contents of my bag to the concrete checking if it was there, but it wasnt. I was freaking out. Panicking. I must have dropped it in the bus! I was sure I took all my things from the office.

My phone was dead too. I tried to clam myself down, breathing in and out to think of something.

Gianna must be home and Hanna must be at work. My parents and Gretchen were home. I could always call them to fetch me but how?!

I picked my bag up and ran to the payphone booth near the field. Of course it’s disconnected. Who even uses these anymore? I stayed in front of the booth, about to cry.

Maybe this is why I dressed up in mostly all black today. Along with my feelings, I will actually physically die. 

I could always get a ride back from Daryll but that would be my last resort. As I was trying to stop my tears from falling, someone called out to me.

“Chanel?” I turned to see who it was. Gosh, can this day get anymore worse?!

It was Xavier Forano. His hair was wet, he had a towel hanging on one shoulder and he was holding a watter bottle on one of his hands. Their practice probably just ended.

If, and only if -which Im hoping it didn’t happen- he was there yesterday… in the gym… then it’ll be his 2nd time seeing me cry.

The tears just rolled out of my eyes like waterfalls. I was crying because of mixed embarrasment, panic, and everything that basically was bottling up inside me. I stood there and looked like a complete wreck.

He was obviously taken aback by my sudden outburst but he rushed to me. “Okay okay, hear me out. I really didnt mean to hear anything intentionally, I swear.” He was trying to explain to me how he was lying behind the benches, not expecting anyone to be there and I just let him talk cause if I spoke, I would sound like a croaking frog. 

He just kept on patting my back and even offered his towel which smelled of men’s shampoo and soap.

When I finally got to calm down, he apologized once more. I didn’t cry entirely because of that and I wanted to say it to him because he really looked like he was feeling guilty just by being there that day, due to some consequences.

“I lost my keys,” I started. “My phone’s dead and this stupid payphone isn’t working so I didn’t know what else to do that I wanted to cry then you showed up and I remembered about yesterday and how you saw me in one of my down moments…” He just listened to me talk. 

“My phone’s dead too but I can go and ask someone from the team if you could borrow theirs.” He suggested and I wanted to say yes but Daryll will be there. If he finds out I need a ride and I reject his offer, he’ll stay with me until someone comes for me and I just can’t deal with my feelings right now. I was doing pretty fine a while ago until now.

“Nevermind… I’ll just find my way home.” I said.

“I could take you home.” He offered and I didn’t want to bother him any more so I shook my head and said, “No need, ill just find a way home. Thank you, anyway.” 

“I’m guessing you’d get a ride with Daryll then?” 

“Both of us know that I wouldn’t. I can’t. You heard me loud and clear last night. Im moving on and I know you dont know how that feels like… congratulations. Its hard.” 

“You dont know me, de la Vega.” He said, looking serious. 

True. I didnt know him and he was kind enough to offer me a ride, why am i saying this? All I know that in sophomore year, he had gone out with 7 girls. He was known because of the sudden change as the unanticipated fuck boy. Zero girlfriends in freshmen year, then 7 in sophomore year.

Did he fall in love during that time?

Still, I don’t know this guy personally so what if he’s just offering me a ride to have sex with me. Or…. maybe he’s just being nice because he pities me.

“Sorry,” I just said, not wanting to get on his nerves.

We stayed silent there for like 10 seconds.

“You really don’t want a ride from me?” He asked again breaking the silence, not looking as serious as he was just then.


“Okay then suit yourself.” He said as he raised his shoulders and walked away.

I mentally punched myself inside. What the hell was I thinking?? He was my one way ticket to go home! I headed to the other direction to the parking lot and just waited beside my car.

Suddenly a huge group of guys were coming out of the field.

When Daryll saw me, he asked, “Chanel what are you still doing here?”

“Long story, short. Lost my keys and cant contact anyone.” I said, trying to look composed and chill. 

“Let me take you home.” As much as I wanted to say a big fat ass no, I don’t have much of a choice. Maybe that will be my one test too see if I have already moved on. He drives me home and in that long car ride, I will silently check my organs and how they react with him inches beside me then I will get off, say good bye and that’s it. I think I’ve already cried all my feelings out anyways.

“I’m her ride for today.” Xavier said from behind, before I was about to answer Daryll. We all turned to him. The guys were whistling and cheering.

“For the first time ever, Xavier Forano will let a girl ride on his bike.”

Bike? How much of a badass image can he still have. I’ve read novels about the bad boy usually riding a bike instead of a car and I just can’t believe this.

When I didn’t say anything, Xavier immediately said, “Right Chanel?” Which made me nod and smile awkwardly.

“Yeah, he’s taking me home. Thanks for the offer though.” I said to Daryll. He just shrugged and told something to Xavier as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

He said, “I trust you, don’t lay a finger on her dude. We’ll all be dead and you know it.” I’m sure he meant ‘Gianna will whip our asses when something happens to her’ when he said that.

“I don’t see her like that.” He said as he winked at me jokingly so I rolled my eyes at him. After they said their byes, the crowd dispersed and they all went their separate ways, leaving me and Xavier alone.

“Shall we?” He said, leading the way to where his bike his. I followed him. “Uh… thanks a lot.” I said. This boy just saved my butt.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“And uhmm… sorry about what I said awhile ago.” My voice was almost a whisper.

“It’s fine.” That was all he said until we got to the bicycle rack where a bicycle was parked.

“So… when they meant bike… they actually meant bicycle.” I said, disbelief in my tone. 


“There’s no way we would ride that all the way to Boston.”

He laughed. “I live a few blocks from here. From there, I will drive you home but if you want to wait for me here alone while I get my car-” I don’t let him finish. I’m not staying here alone.

“So where do I sit?” I ask feigning enthusiasm as I walked closer to his bike.

He shook his head, laughing at me. 



– End –


I’m trying to learn more about writing, describing, etc. since my vocabulary isn’t that wide so please bear with my writing 😦

Here’s another chapter. Thanks for reading! 🙂

STEPS TO YOU: Chapter 6 👣



After that talk with Mr. Dawn yesterday, I went straight home. When I returned to his office, apparently he already called our coach and my mom, informing them about how I stormed out of his office. I got a scolding from my mom about slacking off and hiding from the school counselor and my coach informed me that I was out of the game this weekend. 

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STEPS TO YOU: Chapter 5 👣

The smell of fried rice being cooked all the way from the kitchen was enough to wake me up. Filipino breakfast meant my parents were home and my dad was the one cooking. Hurriedly, I washed up, brushed my teeth, and got changed for school. Today I’m wearing a black blouse tucked into my high waisted corduroy skirt, black tights underneath and as if the black was still not enough, I slipped my black ankle boots on. Definitely not all black, but still dominantly black. I stared at myself in front of the mirror as I applied lip tint on the apples of my cheeks and on my lips. 

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STEPS TO YOU: Chapter 4 👣

It was my dad who introduced me to ice hockey. He used to play for Tufts University’s Ice Hockey Team and the way he told stories about that team made me dream about attending there someday as well. Michael Forano was a big name in NCAA during his time. He even almost made a career out of it but then he got my mom, who was his girlfriend at the time, pregnant.

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STEPS TO YOU: Chapter 3 👣



I migrated to the States when I was 11 years old with my parents. My dad’s Filipino while my mom’s White and as a result of their love, I, Chanel Isabella De la Vega, was born. Others say I‘m lucky to be an only child since I can have all the undivided attention and love that I can get but honestly? It wasn’t like that, not at all. With my parents’ merchandising business stabilizing, came their endless trips back to the Philippines and me being left behind. I eventually lost contact with friends back home when I got to Boston so that made it much harder for me.

During the first days, Gretchen, our nanny who basically did all the raising me up part, was the only person I interacted with. I was too shy to get out of the house to play with our new neighbors so I spent my time inside, playing with her even when she encouraged me to go out. The only socializing I did was with my relatives whenever they went to visit.

In those long months of feeling homesick and also waiting for school to start, it was Gianna Hannigan, the only cousin I have from my mother’s side who’s in my age range since most of our other cousins were 8 years older than us, who consistently pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and out into the world even when we’ve just met for the first time. She lived in Newton City, Massachusetts but spent her summer with me in Boston to tour around with Gretchen.

Gianna’s got long blonde hair and side bangs that really complemented her face. A small dimple on her right cheek showed when she smiled, which she did a lot. Although we have many differences all together, she’s the best playmate, cousin-sister and childhood friend that I have been blessed with. Since hanging out with her, I’ve met lots of people who made the last days of my first summer in the States undeniably unforgettable. Gianna, me, Bailey, Kyle, Theo and Elijah during that time were the inseparable six, as Gretchen called us. The 4 of them studied in Boston while Gianna and I studied in Newton so it was just the two of us on the weekdays then us all together during weekends. Four weekends of hanging out a month turned into one then to none until we all drifted away from each other.

From the day I started middle school, I have gotten used to the stares which everyone along the hallways gave us whenever the oh so gorgeous, carefree looking, and heartbreaker Gianna Hannigan walked through. Walking beside her felt like I was just a background, a supporting actress to the main star of the show. Don’t get me wrong though, I did not dislike it… but I did not entirely like it either. In a way, she was like a sponge next to me, soaking all the attention whenever we walked together. I get it, compared to my cousin I was just… plain.

Aside from her great looks, the way she carried herself and dressed everyday stood out. She wore anything that you wouldn’t expect to wear for a day in school which honestly also made me, along with everybody else, excited to see what kind of outfit combination she’ll be wearing next. We didn’t have uniforms for school, instead we had this strict dress code needed to be followed so when I tell you that it takes Gianna literally a whole day to prepare her set of outfits for the week, I am not kidding. You don’t even want to know how long we used to wait for her to finish just so we could go out. It’s enough that we had to only wear clothes accepted as appropriate, why go an extra mile to dress like there’s a fashion show everyday? Her outfits would always be following a different theme every week. For the first week of junior year, her theme was Gossip Girl inspired, specifically basing her outfits on Blair Waldorf’s. Other weeks, she would just be wearing outfits she mixed and matched on her own and they were still exceptional.

Whenever asked, she’d always say, “School is already such a pain in the butt and to look like you’ve got all your shit together is already a step to victory.”

True. I just couldn’t get myself to exchange hours of sleep for that like she does. Later on, I realized that it’s one of the things that make her Gianna. We all have a ‘thing’ or two that makes us who we are and I always wondered what mine was. 

As for me, I just try to look my best and apply moisturizer and lip tint on my ridiculously ugly bare face. I think that’s how far Gianna’s fashionista influence on me can go.

Eventually, I also got lots of attention but mainly from her admirers. They’d look for me, ask me if I could give something to Gianna as she turned down everyone and everything. Most of the time I shut them down too. I’d say “forget about it,” or “I’m sorry, it’s not you but she ain’t interested,” or “my cousin hates these” like I was her secretary. Other times when I was not in the mood to deal with them, I’d just get the letters or flowers and hand them to Gianna. She didn’t know that people were asking me for favors and I’d just tell her “I saw it somewhere” and that “it’d be a waste to throw these out”. I would just shrug it off when she’d ask more questions. That was how it had been for a long period of time, tracing way back from when I was still the new kid in town so I got used to it. 

Back in 9th grade, I decided to get my hair bleached from black to platinum blonde, with everyone’s go sign of course, for a change and aside from my friend group in school, no one else noticed. Until, I walked through the halls where Daryll Mason was. He called out to me and said “Nice hair, De la Vega. It really suits you,” in the most genuine way. The people who were with him that time turned to look at me and agreed with him.

Well that ladies and gentlemen, was the only moment where I felt like I wasn’t just a background in those halls. I swear, I felt all my blood going to my cheeks. “Thanks,” I said smiling so hard I could’ve had injure my jaws. The bell suddenly rang, making me realize how much of a creep I was looking. I looked away immediately and continued heading to my next class since it would be more embarrassing to show them my tomato-like face.

And that was the day I fell for Mr. Daryll Mason. 

2 years ago. 

When no one else had him. A time when I was still able to like him as much as I wanted.

– End –


Thankyouuu for reading!! ❤️ I always appreciate ya’ll. 💋💋


STEPS TO YOU: Chapter 2 👣



I was about to get up to head to training when suddenly the doors of the gym opened and the light coming in from outside the halls almost blinded me. “Shit.” I whispered. Is Mr. Dawn here? Mr. Ralph Dawn is the 11th grade school counselor and I have been hiding from him for about 30 minutes now.

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STEPS TO YOU: Chapter 1 👣



“So I called you in here because I just wanted to tell you I love you…” Oh. My. Gosh. I have said it, straight up without stuttering. It’s happening. After years of having crazy feelings for you, I can finally tell you that.

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